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Some of you have asked how to access some of the EXTRAS we provide at our events.
Here is a partial list of the most current ones.

GENE Keys:

Lindi recently presented a quick look into your birthday possibilities.
Many of you found this extremely insightful and wanted more info.
Here is the link to her affiliate site where you cand find books and workshops etc.


VOXX Socks:

Best socks ever, and a big reason why ‘the vehicle’ can walk for miles on end
at our 8 day events!!!  These are amazing activators for our ‘smart-brains’ and a
simple way to add some physical stability to your daily life.

For current sock options:

Amethyst Bio Mats:

Another of the Vehicles Best friends. She has been sleeping on this for years
and travels with the mini-mat. For more information please fill out the form below.

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