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"When we heal ourselves, we heal the world."

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The Sands of Peace Project:
For Unity and Inner Peace

The Sands of Peace Project is a collective endeavor born from the idea that we are helping transform lives one grain of sand at a time.
It starts with you...
With every purchase of a sand mandala kit, you can contribute. If you wish to participate in The Sands of Peace Project, as your mandala is completed and you begin to deconstruct it for release into a body of water or the wind, put some of the sand from your mandala into a zip-lock bag and send it back to us.
Energies joining...
Mandalas are created with the energy of awareness and intention, so the energy that you put into your mandala will naturally flow with the sand that you contribute to The Sands of Peace Project.
As we collect small amounts of sand from across the globe, it will all be merged together to create an outward symbol of our global collective energy toward peace and unity.
Yearly ceremony...
On November 11 of every year, a bit of this international collection of sand will be saved for use in the next year. In a continual flow of infinite healing energy, there will always be sand carried forward from previous years.
Sand Mandala: The Peace Project

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Sand Mandala: Chakra Kit
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