Sand Mandalas
"When we heal ourselves, we heal the world."

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Sand Mandalas:

Sand Mandala Chakra Kit
Candles and holders
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Sand Mandala Chakra Kit

7 bottles of colored sand
7 chakra symbol templates
1 clear design plate
1 design tool
The seven colors of the chakras are represented: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. For chakra meditation, choose a template and trace with the corresponding sand color.
This kit is designed for repeated use. Once you've finished working with your desired color, simply put it back into it's bottle.
Sand Mandala Designer Kit

Sand Mandala Designer Kit

10 bags of colored sand
1 design plate
1 design tool
Makes approximately 25-28 mandalas.
As you create your mandala, allow your mind to enter a meditative state and contemplate your own realization of the universal oneness.
Or just make some sand pictures and have fun!!!
Once completed, deconstruct your mandala - sweep into a container and release into a body of water, honoring and symbolizing the impermanence of conditions and beliefs, and of life itself.
Sand Mandala Crystal Rainbow Collection

Crystal Rainbow Chakra Collection

7 bottles of hand-mixed colored crystal sand in the chakra colors.
Crystal Rainbow Collection Bottles of Sand

Crystal Rainbow Collection

Individual bottles of hand-mixed colored crystal sand
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