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"When we heal ourselves, we heal the world."

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How To Use The Sand Mandala Kit:
The Mandala Experience

Creating a sand mandala is a peaceful, meditative journey to your own center, which can be done by yourself or in a group setting.

You may wish to set aside one evening per week for working with your mandalas. Decide whether you will create your mandala alone or with others.
Begin by creating a mood for relaxation in your sacred space. Turn off the phone and TV, put on your favorite relaxing music, and light candles. Become quiet within; ask for assitance from Spirit if needed.
Set your personal intention for creating your mandala. If in a group environment, select personal goals, visions, or healing for a friend as your focus.

Creating a Sand MandalaAs you create your mandala on the plate, allow your mind to enter a meditative state and contemplate your own realization of the universal oneness.
When finished, this can be an ideal time for groups to share their experiences with one another if anyone feels so inspired. If alone, you may want to journal your experience, call a supportive friend, or simply reflect on it awhile. Do whatever is comfortable for you.

Once completed, deconstruct your mandala(s). If you're with others, you may wish to collect the sand from everyone in the group's mandalas and merge all into one in a sacred ceremony. If alone, simply sweep your sand into a container with your own ceremony.
Creating a Sand MandalaIf you've decided to participate in The Sands of Peace Project, place some of your collected and combined sand into a zip-lock bag and mail back to us.
Continuing in sacred ceremony, release the sand from your mandala(s) into a body of water while blessing it, or or throw it into the wind and see it dispersing as prayers blowing in the wind. This honors and symbolizes the impermanence of conditions and beliefs, and of life itself.


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