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How Color Affects Our Body

Color is simply light vibrating at different speeds. Color is life and pervades every aspect of our being. Without light we would not exist. From dawn to dusk our bodies are constantly absorbing these life-sustaining colors.
Sunlight is our most potent energy source and contains the entire spectrum of the rainbow. The colors that make up this rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. However, within these colors are different shades of color and each has a different frequency and wavelength.
These colors permeate every form of life on earth. Red has the longest wavelength and vibrates at the slowest speed at an astonishing rate of 436.7 trillion (or a million millions) per second. The highest vibratory color is violet that vibrates at 731.8 per second.
Our body absorbs color through the vibration color gives off. Each color has an effect on every cell in our body through the endocrine system. Color enters our bodies through our skin and chakras but mostly through our eyes.
When we see the color blue for example, it forms impulses that travel as coded messages along the neurological pathways to our brain where the pineal gland resides. This little gland (a player in the endocrine system) releases hormones that in turn start the domino effect of the other glands and a biochemical reaction begins within the body.
All the organs in the endocrine systems are glands. These glands are unique from other glands because they release chemicals known as hormones into the circulatory system. The hormones they release regulate basic drives and emotions such as sexual urges, anger, joy and sorrow. They perform a variety of functions: promoting growth and development, regulating our day and night cycles, controlling body temperature and help repair tissue to name just a few. These hormones are essential to our health and well being. Since each body system is intricately connected to one another, every aspect of our body is affected.
Science proves that color guides, influences and teaches us. Not only do we notice colors; we feel them mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Color can help improve and balance our emotional state when we gaze at selected colors and absorb their energy.
What do all the colors mean?

love, peaceful, warming, creative, beauty, sensitivity, gentleness, helpful, sensitive, romantic, kind, calming, tranquilizing, affectionate, truthful, vulnerable
vitality, energy, power, survival, activity, creativity, motivation, impulsiveness, happiness, joy, love, strength, passion, romance, stimulating, energizing, courage, aliveness, independence, confident, spontaneous
happiness, sociable, optimistic, self-assured, constructive, ambitious, pleasure, nourishing, sensuality, cheery, generous, warmth, prosperity, insightful, laughter, acceptance, expressive, resourceful, contentment, revitalizing, confident
playful, brilliance, clarity, optimistic, intellectual, self-esteem, memory, good-humored, awareness, harmony, understanding, knowledge, expectancy, illumination, revitalizing, empowering, cleansing, stimulating, confidence, sunshine, personal power, learning, sunny, joyous, brightness, curious, warm, peaceful, artistry, cheerful
renewal, balance, love, sympathetic, self-control, peace, harmony, adaptable, compassionate, reliable, romantic, abundance, healing, youthful, hope, kind, generous, renewal, accomplishments, genuine, sincere, prosperity, calming, soothing, decisive, trusting, open, humble, replenishing, serenity, soothing, integrity, truth, regeneration
love, emotion, feeling, intuition, supportive, movement, creativity, self-awareness, protective, generosity, healing, soothing, sharing, initiative, communication, self reliance, independence, self-respect, transformation
unity, affection, growth, knowledge, calming, solitude, serenity, inner peace, relaxing, caring, pacifying, protecting, loyalty, humanity, stability, tactful, honor, patience, inspiring, nurturing, intuition, sincerity, contemplation, inventive, freedom, focus, wisdom, clarity, communication, hope, harmony, devotion, expression, decisive, tranquility
mystery, possibilities, intuition, patience, emotional, wise, meditation, sixth sense, relaxing, inspiring, idealistic, determination, sensuality, understanding, fearless, trust, visionary, creative, memory, intellectual, imagination, spirituality, integrity, empowering, clarity, creative, spiritual, dedication, sedative, relaxant, psychic powers
purification, guidance, compassion, wisdom, inner strength, renewal, humanitarian, self-sacrificing, visionary, empathy, spirituality, leadership, aspirations, transformation, prosperity, wealth, self actualization, self-awareness, inspirational, calming, expansive, peace, luxury, service, enlightenment, brotherhood, intuition, psychic awareness, freedom, ceremony, calming, meditative, visionary, imagination, receptive, healing, mystical, self-realization, rebirth, inner vision, unity, enchantment, understanding, dignity, illumination, universal love
works on all levels: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual; purity, truth, brilliance, release, uniqueness, cleanliness, radiance, innocence, illumination, procreation, divine realization, humility, imagination, birth, innocence, reverence, peace, comfort, simplicity
environmental, grounding, sustenance, earthy
absorbs all other colors, proper, polite, regal, dignity, unseen power, strength, authority, shielding, focus, grounding

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Sand Mandala: Chakra Kit
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