Sand Mandalas
"When we heal ourselves, we heal the world."

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About This Project

Travelling through Tibet many years ago, we chanced upon a group of monks making exquisitely designed sand mandalas. The peaceful focus of that experience led to the birth of this idea. We believe that people in the modern world could benifit greatly by stopping their wbusy world for a moment. When we looked for sand on our return, it was impossible to find beautiful colours, thus the necessity developed to make our own and share it.
Thus we began creating personal sand mandala kits as a mindful therapeutic and healing tool towards inner peace, lovingly mixing each grain of sand by hand.
Our belief that when we heal ourselves, we also heal the world, these kits help transform personal awareness into global healing, transforming lives one grain of sand at a time.


Sand Mandala: Designer Kit
Designer Kit

Sand Mandala: Chakra Kit
Chakra Kit

Crystal Rainbow Collection: Bottles
Crystal Rainbow

Sand Mandala: Chakra Kit
Crystal Rainbow
Chakra Collection